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We have obtained a total of 17 trading rights from The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Futures Exchange. They enable us to upkeep a secure, reliable and speedy online trading platform.

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SHK Direct (formerly known as “SHK Online”) was launched in 2000 by Sun Hung Kai Financial and was among the first batch of brokers offering straight-through Internet-based order processing. It provides an array of investment services, news and market updates.

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SHK HK Trader Pro (Simplified Chinese)

Free price quotes of Shanghai A shares (subject to updates by its content provider) and HK shares (quotes with at least 15 minutes delay).

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Sun Hung Kai Insurance Consultants have launched personal insurance quotes and comparison online

Compare Personal Insurance Quotes Online in Minute...

Sun Hung Kai Insurance Consultants (CIB reg. no. 0034) have launched personal insurance quotes and comparison online.

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SHK Global Payments - The Smart Way to Pay

Market-leading exchange rates | HK$0 T/T, handling charges and account opening fees | Transferring and exchanging between 15 major currencies including CNH.

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