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What types of real-time quotes does EBSHK Direct provide?

Real-time Quotes Services Price Preview Features System Requirement
Provided by ET Net Limited (“ET Net”)
Snapshot Quotes FREE Preview Details None
Provided by AASTOCKS.COM LIMITED ("AAStocks")
AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service HK$ 298/month Preview Details HTML5-supported browsers needed
AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service (+ A Shares) HK$ 498/monthPreview Details HTML5-supported browsers needed

Last Update: 2018-05-16

What are the special features of the different real-time quotes?

Real-time QuotesSnapshotAAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes ServiceAAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service (+A Shares)
ProviderET NetAAStocksAAStocks
Teletext style display with broker queuesRefresh modeStreaming modeStreaming mode
Transaction logRefresh modeStreaming modeStreaming mode
Real-time watch listsRefresh modeStreaming modeStreaming mode
A Shares Quotes Delay (provided by AAStocks)DelayStreaming mode
Real-time price alerts
Real-time portfolio tracking
Market indices
Trade history
Hang Seng Index chart
Historical chart
Real-time intraday chart 
Top ranking 
Dual teletext 
Broker search 
News search 
World markets information 
Warrant page 
Stock Search (by pinyin) 

Last Update: 2017-02-17

How do I subscribe to the Streaming Real-time Stock Quotes Services?

Please login to our trading platform, click on "Action Forms" - "Service Subscription/Cancellation", fill in the "AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service" Subscription Form and submit to us. For enquiry, please call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 2822 5001 (Hong Kong) / +86 4001 208 828 (Mainland).

Last Update: 2018-05-16

How do I pay for the Streaming Real-time Stock Quotes Services?

When you subscribe to the service, a monthly fee will be debited from your trading account within 2 weeks after the service is activated. The monthly fee will then be automatically debited from your trading account each month.

Last Update: 2016-07-08

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