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Award-Winning Mobile Stock Trading App

SHKF eMO! is a free-of-charge mobile trading app. No registration is required. SHKF eMO! provides professional securities trading services for the Hong Kong market with direct linkages to our futures trading platform “FMO”, and SHK Global Payments for international money transfers. It features real-time stock price snap quoting, Hong Kong stock market information, exclusive market commentary from Sun Hung Kai Financial, virtual portfolio and watch list for monitoring Hong Kong stocks/ETFs/Warrants/CBBCs, interactive charting, top ten stock movers in volume and turnover, major world indices, live exchange rates from SHK Forex, and price alerts etc. All features are available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English. Customers of Sun Hung Kai Financial with HK shares trading already activated can login to SHKF eMO! to check trading account balance and submit instructions related to funds, stocks and corporate actions etc.

"Mob-Ex Awards – Best mCommerce Solution Gold Award"

Marketing Magazine

"Best Financial Services Mobile Application"

Web Marketing Association

"Mobile Trading Application Utility Bronze Award"

Horizon Interactive Awards

We Keep it Simple & Smart


Toggle to switch between real-time and delayed stock quotes

Technical Charts

Interactive technical charts that gives custom time frames from 1 day to 5 years

Market & News

Latest financial data including major world indices, top ten movers and stock news

Forex Rates

Exclusive live rates from SHKForex


Exclusive market commentary from Sun Hung Kai Financial

Virtual Portfolio

Use virtual portfolio to monitor the gain and loss of targeted stocks

Trading Account

Customers can login SHKF eMO! to manage account and submit instructions.

More features!

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See What Users Are Saying

“Great! Best trading app for stock trade,smooth and user friendly!”

- Thomas

“This app is really useful for me to check the stock market!”

- Naqual

“Neat, quick response and smooth. Good job. ”

- Applover165

SHKF eMO! (AAStocks)

SHKF eMO! (AAStocks) is a mobile trading app for the exclusive use by clients of Sun Hung Kai Financial. SHKF eMO! (AAStocks) provides professional securities trading services that allow clients to trade stocks in the Hong Kong market and through Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. SHKF eMO! (AAStocks) features Hong Kong stock and Shanghai A Shares quotes, Hong Kong stock market information, Top 20 rankings, major world indices, financial news, industry constituents, ETFs listing, A+H, dividend history and company’s fundamentals etc. If you have subscribed to AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service, you can also use the streaming real-time quotes service via SHKF eMO! (AAStocks).

Feature Comparison
SHKF eMO! (AAStocks)
HK Stock Trading
SH-HK Stock Connect
Snapshot delayed quote
Snapshot real-time quote
Streaming real-time quote*
Shanghai A Shares Quote
Technical Chart
Watch List
Global Indices
Top Movers
Forex Rates
Industry Constituents
ETFs Listing
Dividend History
Company Profile
Market commentary from Sun Hung Kai Financial
Price Alert
Personal Account Details
Trading Record
Action Forms related to funds, stocks and corporate actions

* This service is exclusive for Sun Hung Kai Financial customers who have subscribed to AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service.

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