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Optimized wealth allocation
Periodic reminder of portfolio rebalancing
to optimize your asset effectively
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What are the requirements to trade on AI-Portfolio Investing?
The client is required to open an AI-Portfolio Investing Trading Account.
How to log into AI-Portfolio Investing?
Please access AI-Portfolio Investing by logging into the EBSHK Direct website(
How to build a portfolio that suits my needs?
Please follow the steps below to build your own Basket:
(1) Visit “Browse” page to explore our list of Baskets. The filters at the top will help you to narrow the list of Baskets depending on criteria such as market, investment horizon and strategy type.
(2) Before submitting an order, please check the estimated amount-to-buy as well as important disclosures related to your order.
(3) Please make sure that the order information is correct and then press the “Review Order” button to confirm and submit the order.
What constitutes a Basket?
Investing in a basket of securities instead of one security provides diversification. It can reduce the impact of events such as profit warnings and bankruptcies affecting a single company. But broader events or themes that impact groups of stocks, sectors, or even entire markets will drive the performance of your investment.
What are the trading limits?
In relation to buying, the minimum amount-to-buy is the smallest amount that you can buy in a Basket. Buy orders have to satisfy the following constraints:
  • Amount-to-buy is between HK$10,000 and HK$30 million;
  • Amount-to-buy is higher than the minimum amount for a full portfolio, which is calculated using the weights, board lot sizes and current prices of the stocks;
  • The number of stocks to buy cannot be less than 2

*Note: Market conditions may make it impossible to execute all the orders as intended.
The minimum sell order is the lowest board lot value amongst the securities that make up your Basket position. Unless the intention of the sell order is to close all the positions in the Basket, a sell order will not be allowed if the remaining positions in the Basket contains one stock only.
Can Basket be rebalanced at any time?
We review our Baskets at regular intervals. You will get the notification after a Basket that you hold is reviewed and you will have the option to rebalance your position based on our pre-set rules by simply clicking on the Rebalance button. You can also buy/sell your Baskets or change security selection or weights in the Basket at any time during trading session.
What is the cost of using AI-Portfolio to invest in a Basket?
Because we devote to minimizing unnecessary investment-related costs and expenses, except the brokerage fee payable to third parties as specified in the fee schedule, the only fee you will have to pay is a monthly account service fee charged on the client's average monthly total market value of the assets (excluding cash) in the account at an annual rate of 0.99% (i.e. monthly rate 0.0825%).
What are the trading hours of AI-Portfolio Investing?
Trading is conducted in Continuous Trading Session on trading days of the Hong Kong securities market.
Can submitted order be canceled?
You can cancel an order that is pending as long as it is still queued, i.e. an order you submitted outside the ‘AI-Portfolio Investing’ Trading Session. You can cancel an order by navigating to the ‘Orders’ page and pressing the ‘Cancel’ button next to the order your wish to cancel under ‘Pending’. If the button is disabled, then you can no longer cancel the order. If the cancellation is successful, your order status will change to ‘Cancelled’.
What types of portfolios can I choose?
We categorize the Baskets by securities, investment horizon and strategy type. Baskets are of either of these two investment horizons: “trading” (i.e. tactical) or “investment” (i.e. long term). We classify Baskets by their investment objectives. A Basket can fall into one or more of the following strategy types: Asset Allocation, Income, Event, Macro, Model,Thematic and Mini.
What is regular rebalancing?
We will review our Baskets at regular intervals, according to the rules of the Baskets, to ensure they remain up-to-date and continue to reflect the underlying idea. We might make changes to the security selection or weights depending on the rules that govern the Basket. For example, we may include a newly listed stock or remove a security that is no longer liquid enough.
How does regular rebalancing work?
After a Basket that you hold is reviewed, you will get the notification via a message in the Notification Center on the top right of the website. You will have the option to rebalance your position based on our pre-set rules by simply clicking on the Rebalance button.
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